An Article About Australia Immigration

Australia is an immigrant country, attracting immigrants from all over the world with its high-quality living standard, perfect social welfare, relaxed immigration policy and good educational resources. Australia’s annual permanent residence quota is nearly 190,000. The methods to immigrate to Australia include independent skilled immigration, employer-sponsored immigration, business investment immigration and relative immigration.

The advantages of immigration

Pleasant living environment

Affected by the marine climate, Australia has little temperature difference throughout the year and is comfortable and livable. Clear water, blue sky, patches of green grass, and diverse animals can be seen everywhere in Australia. For leisure, Australians prefer surfing, kayaking, diving, sandboarding and other sports.

Advanced British Education

The Australian education system has inherited the British tradition. So far, 15 Nobel Prize winners have been bred, and one quarter of the world’s best universities are here. The Australian education system has become a world benchmark.

Harmonious multiculturalism

One-fifth of Australia’s population is overseas, and more than half of Australians come from mixed cultural backgrounds. People of all ethnic groups coexist harmoniously here, creating a diverse Australian culture.

Perfect national welfare

One of the earliest countries in the world to implement a welfare system. In terms of education, they can enjoy 12 years of free admission to public schools; and in terms of medical care, free medical care in public hospitals is implemented; in terms of pensions, people who retire at the age of 65 can receive pensions.

Advanced medical level

Australia’s life expectancy ranks among the best in the world, Australia’s cancer mortality and morbidity rates are the lowest in the world, and the quality of hospital care is even higher than that of the United States and New Zealand. Australia has a strong performance in a series of important health indicators.

Civilized social order

Australia’s social system is perfect, the quality of residents is generally relatively high, rules and order are observed, and social civilization is highly developed. There is no gap between the rich and the poor, and there is no distinction between the rich and the poor, and the spirit of egalitarianism has continued since ancient times.

Immigration Programs

  • Australian skilled immigration

Australian skilled immigration is an immigration policy launched to introduce overseas talents and promote the balance and development of the Australian labor market. It is not only suitable for domestic technical talents with professional skills, but also for overseas students in Australia, and the immigration cost is low. Become an Australian immigrant applicant One of the preferred ways.

Main categories:

Australia 189 Independent Skilled Immigration / Australia 190 State Guaranteed Skilled Immigration / Australia 489 Remote Area Skilled Immigration

Need to pass career assessment, EOI score not less than 65, IELTS score at least 4 6, cost about 100,000

  • Australian Employer Sponsored Immigration

Australian employer-sponsored immigration is an immigration policy provided by the Australian government in order to meet the needs of domestic companies for overseas professionals, allowing local companies to sponsor foreign employees to obtain Australian status. It is suitable for corporate executives and private companies with certain assets, hosts and students studying in Australia. It is the main way to immigrate to Australia.

Main categories:

Australia 186 Employer Sponsored Immigration / Australia 187 Employer Sponsored Immigration / Australia 482 Visa

  • Investment immigration to Australia

Australian investment immigration is an immigration policy established by the Australian government to attract talents with business investment ability and contributions to the Australian economy. It is suitable for high-net-worth business people with certain business experience, management skills and investment strength. It is one of the most difficult ways to immigrate to Australia.

Main categories:

Australia 132 series investment immigration / Australia 188 series investment immigration

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