The Ins and Outs of Working With a Facebook Marketing Agency

The days of debating whether or not you should engage in digital marketing are long gone. No one should have to convince you that digital marketing is here to stay and will play an increasing role in advertising and marketing in the future.

For many, the question is whether to develop expertise in-house or engage the services of a digital marketing agency.

You may have in-house staff but wonder whether or not you could get more results for your marketing dollars with an agency. You may be with an agency and wondering whether you should bring things in-house. If you would like an honest assessment of your marketing and results, talk to who are a leading UAE agency.

In-House Marketing

The advantages of in-house marketing include:

  • Brand familiarity. When you have an internal team they know your brand intimately. This guides their marketing decisions and materials
  • You don’t have to call anyone or arrange a telephone conference. You can just walk over to the department and chat. Your lines of communication and control are more tightly held. It is very easy to monitor employee activity and results.
  • Your in-house team is dedicated to your business. All of their efforts are directed toward your brand’s success. This is a great benefit if you think your company is not getting enough attention from an agency.
  • In some cases, businesses prefer to have complete control over their marketing. This can make it difficult to work with an agency. When you engage an agency you are letting go of some of that control. If you like having more control of your operations, it makes sense to bring things in-house.

Agency Marketing

Working with a digital marketing agency provides its own set of benefits:

  • You get to choose from the most experienced companies in your industry. By choosing to work with an experienced agency you are not having to “reinvent the wheel”. A good agency will know what works in your niche, while at the same time offering a unique approach for your brand.
  • Digital agencies often have skills that in-house teams can’t match. Digital agencies attract top-tier talent to work on your campaign. There are so many different skill sets required that a small in-house team is hard-pressed to exhibit the same level of skill or knowledge you can find at a top-level agency.

No one knows your business as well as you do, so it’s about making the right choice for your company.

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