The Tips and Tricks you Need to Buy Best Inverter Battery in India

If you are thinking of buying a new inverter battery for your home, chances are that all of that advertising jargon, and technical specifications, have left you confused. It’s because normally, as end consumers, we have next to no idea of what goes into the making of the best inverter battery in India. So, we decided to break down the basics into simple to understand tips and tricks to help you find that battery lightning quick. 

So, here’s what you need to look for in a battery before you decide to buy one so that you invest your hard-earned money into buying the best inverter battery in India that’s perfect for your home and unique power requirement. 

Source: Luminous

Choose a Battery with Adequate Load Handling Capability

Whatever battery you choose, it must have the requisite load handling capability. Therefore, create a checklist of all the appliances that you want to run during an outage of the auxiliary backup unit. Also, add up any heavy appliances that you may want to run, e.g., air conditioning units during the hot summer months. Once you know your power demand, you can easily choose the best inverter battery in India that can handle your demand for power. A battery’s backup duration is measured in Ah or ampere-hours and is an indicator of how much pressure it can handle. While a 150 Ah battery is good enough to run a few fans, lights, and a television set for a few hours; you are going to need to invest in a higher-powered battery if you are looking for more backup time or want to run those heavy-duty applications during a power cut. 

Choosing the Type of Battery that’s Best for You 

If you are to select the best inverter battery in India, it’s important to select a battery type that’s best for the power situation at your place of residence, i.e., whether you face long and frequent power cuts or the outage is frequent but only lasts a while. Depending on this you can choose one of two battery types: Tubular and Flat Plate battery. 

  1. Tubular Battery: These are large-sized batteries that are capable of handling heavy loads. Due to their big size, they are mostly suitable for big houses with adequate space available to place the batteries. They are well-suited for long and frequent power cuts, so if that applies in your case, then getting a tubular-type battery makes for a great buying decision. 
  2. Flat Plate Battery: Compared to the former, these are compact in size, and best recommended for a smaller home with space being a constraint. They are best suited for areas with frequent and short power cuts, and if you would like more power, just add in some extra batteries for extra power and backup time. 

Safety Features

Never buy locally made batteries as they are prone to leakages and harmful release of gases and fumes. Moreover, they won’t have any in-built safety features putting all of your expensive appliances at risk of damage and are prone to overheating which could lead to an explosion in the battery. The best inverter battery in India is usually from reputed brands. They come with built-in safety features such as overheating, overload, and surge protection that will keep your loved ones safe from the risks of a fire hazard and protect your expensive appliances from getting damaged. 

Keeping these few simple tips in mind will help you find the best inverter battery in India in no time in terms of backup, efficiency, and safety features. In case you are looking for a quick hack, you can check out Luminous’ exceptional lineup up tubular and flat plate batteries available across a range of power and budget options. So, do check them out and bring home the best battery in India today itself. One that will continue to give you exceptional backup, with a long service life, and next to no maintenance


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