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What is Microsoft Teams and How You Can Use It Efficiently

With the emergence of modern workplaces, there’s also the simultaneous development of new tools and ways through which people can all be kept productive and connected. One such tool by Microsoft is the Teams application. It’s a cloud-based tool that’s suitable for agile and scalable workplaces.

It is also an excellent solution for Teams working remotely on a single project. A Microsoft Teams connect solution with integrated voice covers all the collaboration and communication needs of an organization and helps them work smartly. In simple words, Teams bring the best elements of Microsoft 365 in a centralized tool.

What is Microsoft Teams?

It is a platform that facilitates team collaboration and communication through functionalities like video conferencing, chat capabilities, file storage, and incorporation with other Microsoft 365 applications. Through this tool, the different members of a team can:

  • Share their ideas and expertise through private chats
  • Incorporate external or internal tools or content with other tabs
  • Make Office online documents in the browser.
  • Take advantage of bots to assist in their daily activities.


How Microsoft Teams Are Serving People

Teams present a unified interface that enables users to work across all Microsoft 365 apps. It combines chat, calls, file sharing, third-party tools, and meetings in a single place. Thus, since the beginning of remote work, Teams have solved the various challenges that people face.

In a good Microsoft Teams connect solution, people can join the audio part of the meeting from practically anywhere. They only need to dial a PSTN phone number and enter their passcode.

Various features of Teams, like simplified file sharing to shareable calendars, allow workers to adjust themselves to the remote working circumstance continuously. Thus, they are always connected to one another and maintain their productivity.

How to Use Microsoft Teams

The tool is most suitable for collaboration purposes. Thus, business situations where people are involved in collaboration within a department, team, or project will get the most benefit out of it.

Each department in a company gets its own specific team within Teams. You can also make a channel for every topic on which you wish to collaborate.

Using Microsoft Teams for project management

Every customer gets their own team. Each project for a specific customer also receives its own channel. Channels are places that facilitate engagement and conversations around particular workflows and projects.

In Microsoft Teams, you can make 30 private and 200 public channels over a team’s life. To find if a channel should be public or private, you need to assess the sensitivity level of the matter around which it is organized.

For instance, a channel like Brainstorming, where every team member can give their ideas and suggestions, can stay public. On the other hand, you can set a Budget channel private as you want to choose team members on a need-to-know basis.

When you form a new channel, a new folder is produced. Every content relevant to that specific project gets centrally stored in SharePoint. It allows every member to work effectively from SharePoint and Teams.

Your team members can switch between SharePoint and Teams at their convenience. At present, there exists a limit of 100 channels for every team. It is more than sufficient. However, there can also be cases of exceptions.

The post-pandemic era has made remote working a big part of organizations. More companies are embracing digital transformation to fulfill the changing employee expectations. Microsoft Teams is an essential part of it that facilitates workers to work efficiently and contribute to organizational goals.

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