What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim Dramacool

What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim Episode 2 Eng Sub is out now! Watch and download it for free! This comedy drama is one of the most anticipated dramas of 2016. Watch it now! You won’t regret it! There are many reasons to watch it: the Narcissistic Lee Young Joon, Comedy relief, and a Complete Nose-wiggling romance. There are also lots of other reasons to watch this drama, so go ahead and  what’s wrong with secretary kim dramacool download it now!

Comedy relief

Watch What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim Episode 2 Eng Sub and enjoy a cute k-drama. This k-drama is available on Rakuten Viki, Dramacool, Kissasian Online, and Netfix. You can also watch the show on Dramacool and Asiaflix via telegram, facebook, and the Asiaflix app. If you are interested in the Korean drama, you can also download its app from the playstore and watch it anytime you want.

Complete nonsense romance

In the drama, the title character LeeYoung-joon is the vice chairman of a consortium, who has a perfect appearance and excellent ability. However, he is unable to solve all his problems alone, and he entrusts his personal secretary Kim Mi So with the job. She has worked with LeeYoung-joon for nine years, and has the required ability, but after nine years, she resigns. The drama follows her story of love and romance as she begins a new life with her new boss.

The plot of “What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim” revolves around the dynamics of office relationships, beginning with Lee Young Joon’s rude awakening. It revolves around Lee Young Joon’s relationship with his secretary Kim Mi So, a charming and capable woman who is now a superior at the magazine The Most. However, the drama also has a romantic angle, though it’s not that satisfying.

Narcissistic Lee Young Joon

“What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim?” is the latest Korean kdrama to hit the scene. The story revolves around the relationship between Lee Young Joon and his secretary Kim Mi So. The plot is based on the webtoon series of the same name, which is already a hit in South Korea. The two actors play Lee and Kim, respectively. This tvN drama premieres on June 6, and it is the first to have a cast that includes Park Seo Joon.

As the vice president of the family business, Lee Young Joon is so self-absorbed and oblivious that he barely acknowledges the people around him. Thankfully, he has a highly capable secretary in Kim Mi So. Kim Mi So has been working for Lee Young Joon for nine years, but she wants to focus on her own life. This results in a hilarious misunderstanding between the two.

Although there is no definitive evidence that YoungJoon is behind the story, it is quite possible. In a previous drama, YoungJoon was accused of stalking his ex-girlfriend. In a subsequent episode, the narcissistic Lee Young Joon reveals that he is behind the story. YoungJoon wanted to keep MiSo for himself and his life, so he would not stand in his way if she decided to quit her job.

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