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When To Hand Out Your Business Card (And When Not To!)

First impressions are important, you will never get a do-over on one so you have to make sure you do everything right the first time, especially in the world of business where impressing the right people can have a real impact on your future success!

One of the most important rituals business people go through is the exchange of business cards. From the top brass down to the entry-level staff, everybody needs to have a high quality, professionally made business card like those you can order from the experts at printing in Adelaide who know just what you need to make that big first impression! Make sure that all of your information is presented accurately, making a mistake on your business card is embarrassing as well as costly since you will have to throw them all in the rubbish! Your card should have your name and preferred pronoun if it is not apparent from the name itself, for example, unisex names like Pat or Sam, your official title or position, your phone, email, and website, and a physical mailing address- even a PO box will do, it lends authenticity.

When you are meeting a potential customer or new business contact for the first time there are certain points during this initial interaction where it is appropriate to offer your business card without seeming as if you are overeager to make a sale, or too pushy about establishing a connection. It’s important to note that if you are meeting with someone in a planned situation like a conference or a business meeting, offering up your business card when you first introduce yourself is expected and the correct form of proceedings.

However, bear in mind that if you are encountering someone in a random situation, especially one that is not part of your business, like at a social occasion or on holiday then it’s best to wait until the end just before you part ways to give them your business card. In this case, it won’t be seen as an overly pushy ‘you have something I want, let’s make a deal’ move, but rather as a gesture of respect, telling them that they are someone who you hope you will meet again, and opening up an opportunity for that to happen.

Never attempt to force your business card on anyone, handing it to someone out of a need to show off, or with intentions that reek of avarice is a huge turn-off, and will most certainly not leave a good impression or win you a new contact or customer, more likely as soon as you are out of sight they will file it under B for ‘bin’! If you are in doubt about the appropriateness of giving out your card, then listen to your gut and hold it back, it’s better to save that person and you the embarrassment. It’s much better to wait and give that card to someone who is actually interested instead, where it may do you both some good!

We hope you found this article useful, if you would like to give us your card now we won’t mind!

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