Best Things to Do in Lagos, Portugal

There are 1,001 things to do in Lagos, Portugal, and this is not a metaphor. The Algarve region of the Iberian nation has so many holiday locations that it would not be inaccurate to label it the world’s vacation capital, alongside Paris.

 Living in Lagos, Portugal, has its own advantage as residents could benefit from the influx of tourists annually. Visitors would need homes for rent when they decide to stay a little longer to enjoy the pleasures of the city, and a few bucks could be made passively.

In Portugal, Lagos is well-known for its beautiful array of beaches ranging from the scenic Ponta da Piedade to the historical Praia dos Estudantes; these beautiful spots offer the small town of Lagos, Portugal, its source of revenue. But the town’s vacation destination is not restricted to its numerous beaches; there are also specific locations you can visit with friends, family, and loved ones. Here are some of the best things to do in Lagos, Portugal:

Taking a Sunbathe on Praia do Camilo 

This is not the biggest of beaches in Portugal for the luxury of space, so you would have to get to the beach really early to get a vantage position. The limited sand strip enjoys direct sunlight on a warm summer day. This is the perfect spot to take a sunbathe. Have sunshades in handy too. This is a good site to watch animals such as the seagulls in their natural habitat.

An excursion to the Governor’s castle 

In medieval times the old town of Lagos, Portugal, was once visited by Greece (Greeks) and Italy (Romans), two of the oldest country in Europe. This was due to the proximity of Portugal (Iberian Peninsula) to the Atlantic ocean, a trade route at the time. The structure, which was built in the 16th century, once surrounded the old town of Lagos, Portugal, for protection. The castle now stands a shadow of its former self but still retains interesting features worth sightseeing. One such feature is the large imposing wall with an arched entrance tucked between two equally imposing watchtowers. The architecture of this structure is a sight to behold. 

Boat tour or kayaking the Ponta de Piedade 

The most impressive and beautiful beach in the Lagos Algarve region is the Ponta de Piedade. The stratified cliffs formation and the limestone isolated cliffs (comparable to pillars) in the shallow turquoise sea waters are a sight to behold. The Piety Point, as it is also called, has been eroded over the years by stormy seas. All these and more can be explored by renting a boat or a kayak to bring you closer to the action. You could have a tour guide show you how to walk on the staircases shaped from the stone formation into the coves.

Peek inside Igreja de Santo António 

How will you not be enthralled by the majestic church that doubles as a National monument? The monument at the Lagos Algarve town is the cynosure of all eyes behold it. The church was built close to a little short of three centuries ago and still stands strong. The structure’s exterior might not be mind-boggling, but the interior is the true wonder. The church interior space is lined with so much gold. The structure bears a catholic history which has been the historical religion of Portugal. The Baroque-styled church was named after Saint Anthony, and there is half a dozen of his painting you can feast your eyes on in your tour of the monument.

Marisqueira O Perceve 

Tourists can enjoy one of the best meals situated not too far from Lagos, Portugal’s old town. The classy seafood restaurant offers an assortment of the choicest shell foods like prawns, oysters, lobsters, and crabs satisfactorily spiced with a side dish accompanied with good wine. The meal is pricey, but it is worth every penny spent.

Hone your Surfing skills 

Building your surfing skills would check the box of things to do in Lagos, Portugal. The town has a handful of beaches in it, but just a few of these can be used for beginners surfing due to beach and reef breaks. Such beaches include Meia Praia (the largest beach in Lagos), Praia da Luz and Praia do Porto de Mos. You can choose any of the academies in the area that offers surfing classes where surf gear can be given to you for the duration of your class. Also, make sure your holidays align with the surf holidays.

Shop at the Mar d’Estorias 

The multifunctional place deals in a variety of products, including musical instruments, clothes, books, and homewares. Formerly a renaissance church, the place was restored to suit modern needs. There is a restaurant where you can have a meal with loved ones and a terrace bar where you can enjoy some Port wine and a panoramic view of the ocean.

Beer or Sangria at The Garden 

The restaurant is your one-stop shop for the best local beer you can treat yourself. The relaxation center located in the old town is well shaded from the sun due to the trees planted and an overstock of plant life, giving the place a quaint feel. Sangria is also an alternative if beer is not an option, and you could enjoy it with beef or fish.

Enjoy a hike on Beach Coastlines. 

Living in Lagos, Portugal, offers you the luxury of enjoying long walks along with the handful of beaches that have the space. The Meia Praia is 2.5miles long. You can have a stroll along the banks while enjoying the gusts of cool sea breeze. Hiking from the beach of Praia da Luz would give you a very picturesque view of the Atlantic ocean. It give your journey a befitting end at Piety Point.

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