Honeymoon trip to Maldives: Why did we actually love it?

Since I was a kid, the Maldives have been a dream vacation spot for me. And, trust me, I am the luckiest guy alive to have a life partner who appreciates travel as much as I do! So when the time came to plan our honeymoon, I wasted little time in purchasing our Maldives flights. 

This year, I was able to achieve my goal. I recently got married a month ago, and what better reason than a honeymoon to get away from the daily grind? Almost all of the trip’s significant sights were included in the itinerary curated by Thrillophilia with the best honeymoon packages for Maldives. As a result, we were able to savor every moment of our honeymoon and make the most of our stay.

Honeymoon trip to Maldives: Why did we actually love it?

Stay at the Luxurious Resort

The Maldives Honeymoon resorts provide ultimate comfort and warmth, with its private islands. We were blown away by the grandeur of Adaaran Club Rannalhi following our breathtaking speed boat ride onto the island. At one of the world’s most opulent hotels, we were cordially greeted. The staff at the hotel is kind and courteous. The hotel’s rooms were spotless and pleasant, and the beach was only a short distance away. The hotel’s dining was outstanding, with meals that were both delicious and nutritious. We were fortunate enough to come the same day the hotel had a little celebration, so we were also treated to free drinks and food that afternoon.

Diving With The Turtles

We chose to go scuba diving since the beautiful seas of the Maldives grabbed us like hooks. Scuba diving is a must do activity for everybody who travels to the Maldives. The aquatic fauna of the islands fascinated us. Coral reefs, coral walls, and tropical fishes are abundant and diverse. Manta rays, sharks, and turtles could be seen when we divided further into the sea. It was a genuinely wonderful opportunity for us to have a quick look there at the beauty of the water. The experience is definitely going to stay with me for an entire lifetime!

Water Sports

One of the main reasons that my wife dreamed of going to Maldives was to participate in a range of water sports. Maldives provide an opportunity for certain daring water activities after one fantastic scuba diving session. We had intended to go parasailing, but were unable to do so owing to a lack of boats. So we opted for a jet ski adventure instead. The cold water on our skin, the breeze in our hair, and the peaceful scenery combined for a fantastic jet ski ride. Afterwards, we went on a water bike ride that provided us with an exhilarating sensation.

The Perfect Hideaway

One of our honeymoon fantasies has been to dwell in a water villa that we were fortunate to accomplish in our vacation. We were upgraded to the Aadaran Rannalahi hotel and assigned the Aadaaran Vaddo in the Male Islands. The opportunity to stay in a water villa piqued our interest. The water villas were breathtakingly gorgeous, with a terrace that provided immediate access to the ocean. The resort also has an indoor swimming pool for exquisite enjoyment. At the resort, my wife and I also enjoyed relaxing spa services. The resort also had Indian cuisine, which was a nice bonus. Every tourist should have the opportunity to stay in this luxury resort.

Tips for Couples:

  1. Take additional cash with you to cover any unexpected costs or taxes.
  2. Check the wireless availability and any additional internet costs which may apply.
  3. Bring a small camera and a charger with you.
  4. Always have enough sunscreen on hand.
  5. Keeping a bottle of insect repellent with you is always a smart idea.


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