Car Window Sunshades – UV Protection and More

Are you concerned about the harmful effects of UV rays when driving, or want to ensure a cooler and more comfortable journey even on those blisteringly hot days? If you are then you should look at what car sunshades can offer.

We’ve taken a deep dive into the world of car window sunshades and produced an essential guide on what you need to know:

Why Do You Need a Car Sunshade

Car window shades have become a popular and practical accessory for vehicles and can offer a variety of benefits. The main benefit of a quality sunshade is its ability to provide sun protection, and a good sunshade will block harmful UV rays and intense sunlight whilst at the same time providing a cooler interior. Blocking the sun’s rays can also help to protect the vehicle’s interior from fading or cracking, maintaining the car’s appearance and its potential resale value. Other benefits include privacy for passengers and adding a touch of class.

Where to Buy Your Car Sunshades

When you’re searching for a supplier for the best car window sunshade there are some things to look for. Choose a supplier that offers durable products made from high-quality materials, built to last, which are not prone to stretching, flapping, or fading over time. The best suppliers will have a wide range of vehicle-specific products and the ability to custom-make to order. Positive testimonials are a good indicator of a reputable company. Free shipping, warehouse pickup, dedicated support, and secure online payment are also things to look for.

What To Look for In a Sunshade

Look for a sunshade with good UV-blocking effectiveness. The best sunshades will reduce the sun’s rays by over 80% using cutting-edge unidirectional cross-mesh materials. Choose sunshades which are vehicle-specific and provide a guaranteed perfect fit, this keeps more of the sun’s harmful rays out and keeps your vehicle looking stylish. Ease of installation is another important factor, and a magnetic design provides quick, easy, and hassle-free installation with no damage to the vehicle. The best sunshades will even allow fresh air whilst driving.

The Importance of UV Protection

The sun’s ultraviolet (UV) radiation is the leading cause of skin cancer in Australia and around the world. Its effects can be extremely damaging, causing sunburn, premature ageing, and eye damage. Babies’ skin is very susceptible to UV damage, but a good quality sunshade can help protect a baby or child in a vehicle. In addition, don’t forget about covering clothing, sunscreen, hats, shades, and sunglasses for added UV protection. Click here for the benefits of using Vitamin C for your skin.

Other Accessories

The best suppliers won’t just provide quality car sunshades and front windscreen shades but will also offer a wide range of other accessories designed to help and protect your family and loved ones whilst driving. Other top accessories to look for include rear-facing baby mirrors, forward-facing baby mirrors, headrest hooks, kick mats and seat protectors.

Before you buckle up and set off on your next outing, think about the importance of adding a car sunshade which, as well as providing UV protection for your loved ones, is also a stylish accessory for your vehicle. Click here for information on sun protection using shade.

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