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Everything You Should Know About Patent Translation

Patent translation is a difficult and delicate process. You need to know exactly what you want from the translator. Or you end up with something completely different from the original request.

The first step in patent translation is to understand its importance and what kind of results to expect from your work. The second step is finding the right translator for this job. Someone with experience translating patents or even professional patent translation companies that specialize in it.

You should be aware that not all companies are made equal, so make sure to do your research.

What Is Patent Translation?

A patent is a document that gives you the exclusive right to use an invention. The way it works in the U.S., for example, is by granting someone who has invented something control over their product for 20 years from its first filing date.

It’s important to understand that patents are not universal, and it’s not the same worldwide. In some countries, you are allowed to patent an invention regardless of whether it was used. Others require that your invention is already put into practice at least once before filing for a patent.

Why Would I Need to Have My Invention Translated Into Another Language?

The first thing to remember about patents is that they are national documents, so their language needs to be considered. So, if you only speak English and think of filing for a patent in the U.S., but your invention was made somewhere else, like Japan or Germany, your patent efforts might not pan out.

That’s why patent translation is important, and you should always make sure to hire a professional who can do it for you. There are two possible scenarios when your invention needs to be translated – if the country’s language where you want to file for a patent differs from English or if there is no such thing as patents in that country.

The second scenario is interesting because there are still countries out there that don’t allow you to file for patents or patent translations. Meaning, if you want to get your invention patented in these countries, the only thing left for you to do is protect it via copyright laws instead of filing a patent.

How Do I Choose A Patent Translator?

There are a few factors you need to consider when choosing someone to work on your patent translation. The first one is the language. Make sure it’s either English, French or German because these three languages dominate in this field and will make things much easier for everyone involved in the process.

The second factor is experience. Make sure your translator has experience translating patents or at least worked on similar projects before. This way, you can be more confident that the ultimate result will not only sound good but also look professional and keep all of its legal value for further use.

The third factor would be a list of references. This helps to confirm if your translator is someone reliable. You should always ask for references before you decide whether they are the right person for this job.

The final factor goes back to asking yourself. What kind of results your patent translation needs to have. Because it’s possible that no one can give them to you, especially if English isn’t your native language. In this case, the best thing to do would be to hire someone who can speak English well and knows how to write it correctly so that there are no misunderstandings later on.

How Much Does It Cost To Get Something Translated And Patented In The United States?

The cost of patent translation depends on several factors; the first is how quickly you need it. If you rush things and choose to have your documents translated within just five days. It will come at a high price of $1,000 or more for half an hour of work.

If you decide to wait longer, say, a week to two weeks, the price drops dramatically. It can still vary depending on how quickly you need it done. And who will do it for you, but in most cases, this timeframe will be enough.

The other factor would be whether there are any special terms included in the document. If there are, then this will make things much more difficult for everyone involved, and it could even result in the price doubling or tripling, depending on who is going to take care of your translation needs.

It is essential to get a patent for your unique product, and it is just as essential. To get a patent translator that will be able to translate your document. Follow the above tips to help you choose the best patent translation services near you.

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