Table Fans vs Wall Fans – Which One Should You Opt for?

Summer brings a bunch of positive feelings with itself. After many long months of winter, it’s finally time to step out of our homes for some fun in the sun. But while things might be slightly different this year due to the third wave of the pandemic, the warmer month will still bring a ray of new hope and positivity in our lives.

However, there are a few things that we can do in order to make our summers much more enjoyable and comfortable. One of these steps is installing a cooling device that works well for you. Now, while there are a bunch of different kinds of cooling devices available in the market, fans still remain the most practical and efficient option. But the question that arises at this point is which kind of fan to go for. There are a bunch of different things that you need to think about while finding the right kind of fan for your needs, but if you’re looking for a practical yet effective option, a table fan or a wall mount fan can be a great pick for you.

While a wall fan is perfect for people who’re looking for a fan that would work efficiently without consuming any floor space, a table fan can be a great choice for those who’re looking for a portable, compact fan.

Let’s look at the pros and cons related to both these kinds of fans to understand which one can be the ideal choice for you.

Table Fans
Table Fans


Table Fans

A table fan is an excellent solution if you want a compact and portable fan that requires minimal installation and can be moved from one part of the room to another.

In contrast to wall-mounted fans, table fans may be put on any table. These fans do not require any permanent fittings and are easy to install. You only need to plug the fan into an electrical outlet to get started.

Thanks to their mobility, these fans are highly useful, and you can pick them up and move them to any part of your home. You can experience a nice breeze everywhere you go with a table fan, whether it’s your balcony or your yard.

These fans also require very little maintenance, making them a fantastic investment for everyone.

The Speed Pro table fan from Luminous is an excellent option that you can choose for your homes.

Wall Fans

A wall mount fan is an excellent choice if you want to save floor space while still creating a relaxing and pleasant ambience in the area.

Wall mount fans are fans that are fixed to your walls and spread air throughout the space. These fans must be appropriately positioned because they cannot be moved once installed.

Wall mount fans are perfect for locations with limited floor space since they are installed on the walls and occupy no space on the floor. Furthermore, if positioned correctly, these fans may efficiently circulate air and provide excellent cross ventilation.

A great wall fan that you can purchase at affordable rates is the Speed Pro wall fan from Luminous.

Make an Informed Decision

While both table fans and wall mount fans are useful in the home, they serve different purposes. Hence, before investing in any of these fans, you should carefully consider your requirements, area, and lifestyle. Another thing to consider is the brand. While the market is filled with many different types of fans these days, it is crucial to remember to get high-quality equipment from respected brands like Luminous.

Luminous has established a reputation in the market for producing high-quality, trustworthy products with an impressive 2-year warranty life. So go to their website right now and get a fan that suits your requirements.

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