Best Places to Dive on Harbour Island Bahamas

Harbour Island in the Bahamas is a tropical paradise offering an array of surprises for that experience you will never forget. World renowned for its pristine beaches and nothing but blue skies, Harbour Island is all about lounging, swimming, boating, fishing, and diving. In this article we are going to discuss about Best Places to Dive on Harbour Island Bahamas for a memorable journey in 2022

While Harbour Island is small, it offers a lot of underwater adventure that caters to all diving levels. From relaxed shallow dives to more experienced deep and drift dives, Harbour Island has it all. So, get that gear ready and explore the best places to dive on Harbour Island, the Bahamas.

Current Cut

Current Cut diving spot is an hour boat ride from Harbour Island, the Bahamas that gives divers that adrenaline-pumping diving experience. The spot is also considered the Bahamas’ best drift because most divers think that offers a “thrill dive with world-class moments”.

Diving in Current Cut is expected to be fun-filled and an adventure of a lifetime. Divers commonly see turtles, large barracudas, groups of eagle rays, species of sharks like bulls, and black tips. Fishes like snappers, Spanish hogfish, and horse-eye jacks are also spotted in Current Cut.

Black Shoals

Black Shoals feature a series of heads ranging from 25 to 35 feet where large morays, turtles, and grouper are abundant in the area.

Split Reef

Split Reef is a diving spot that lets you explore its signature crevice or dive deeper into a nearby wall to have an encounter with sharks, turtles, and rays. Take pleasure in seeing beautiful fan corals. The underwater architecture populated with various sea creatures makes them a perfect backdrop for your still shots or videos.

High Head

High Head is a superb spot ideal for varying photography. Indulge in large brain coral formations but be extra careful with its steep plunging coral from 10 to 15 feet.

When To Dive in Harbour Island Bahamas

Being a tropical destination, Harbour Island enjoys hot weather with approximately 340 sunny days in a year. This also means that diving can be done almost year round excluding the hurricane season.

If you want to stay away from crowded diving sites, consider booking your trip to Harbour Island, the Bahamas from June to October. Tourists and divers are low during these seasons.

November to May are the dry months in the Bahamas and also the season for shark diving. Blacktip reef sharks and Caribbean reef sharks are also in season during these months. Diving from October to January is an opportunity to encounter tiger sharks, hammerhead sharks from December to March. While Oceanic whitetips sharks between April-June.

Common Marine in Harbour Island Bahamas

  • Year Round– whitetip reef shark, blacktip reef shark, oceanic whitetip shark, tiger shark, eagle ray, sea horse, hawksbill turtle, and loggerhead turtle.
  • Hammerhead sharks are commonly encountered from January to February, and then December along with sperm whales.
  • Whalesharks abound during the first two months of the year while humpback whales from January to March
  • Common dolphins are also common in these diving spots year round.


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