What is CCNA Certification & How It Enable You to Upgrade Career Path?

With transcending technologies and digital advancements, IT certifications have amassed immense recognition. CISCO is a recognized market player and global leader in networking and hardware solutions. It has single-handedly formed and provided ample digital support to major companies, which makes getting CISCO certified a lucrative option. CISCO equips candidates with various certifications, but the Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) certification is extremely popular and for all the right reasons. The certification fundamentally focuses on developing the required skills to match the breakneck deployment of technologies in today’s seasoned networking environment.

What is a CCNA Certification?

Cisco is one of the most esteemed companies in the networking domain. The CCNA certification is one of the most sought and precious certifications that kick starts one’s professional career. CCNA is beautifully designed to improvise, augment and evaluate the knowledge of networking in an individual. CCNA certification is a testimony of the individual’s ability to install, secure, troubleshoot, and operate issues within the enterprise network. This certification allows individuals to delve deep into the networking world and understand it in-depth. It also aids networking specialists to groom their existing knowledge base and current skill set. The CCNA certification cost varies depending on the level and currency. 

Benefits of a CCNA certification 

  • Global Recognition

  •   Countries across the world now accept CISCO certification. CCNA certified professionals can charge higher service fees than others. The IT department provides multiple jobs for the CCNA certified personnel. This particular certification has become an industry standard for securing a job.
  •   Getting the CCNA certification can facilitate one in gaining recognition which they can include in their resumes. Candidates are entitled to be certified IT professionals and showcase their skills to prospective employers. 
  •   The certification is valid for a period of three years, and one can extract the most out of their CCNA certification for the years to come. It makes one’s career future-proof. 


  • Heightened learning curve

  •   During one’s CCNA certification journey, one can elevate and amplify their knowledge and establish a sound methodology for grasping the crux of networking. 
  •   Despite having immense experience in the networking domain, one can enhance their present skill set to gain a competitive edge. 
  •   Coupled with training and experience, candidates can benefit significantly from the certification as it keeps one updated with the recent technological developments. 

  • Immense boost in career 

  •   In today’s competitive world, certifications hold immense power. 
  •   As a potential networking enthusiast, one can easily climb the professional ladder by becoming a CCNA certified expert. 
  •   Experienced candidates can increase their chances of getting their desired promotion. 
  •   With ever-evolving technology, the government and other companies are always looking for qualified network engineers to manage various network operations. 

  • Significant rise in salary 

  •   Most companies always look for skilled CCNA professionals. It is a brilliant achievement in one’s CV. 
  •   Certified professionals receive lucrative packages, a better position, and other essential benefits. Employers pay attention to these certifications, and hence, one can expect better career opportunities. 

  • Massive acceptability 

  •   CISCO commands immense respect in the IT world. It is significantly popular across the globe for its far-reaching platform and unique features. 
  •   Individuals with proper training and certification to use the features and platform amass immense recognition among their peers. 
  •   By getting certified, one can showcase their certificate on their CV and validate their technical competencies in using complex network models. 
  •   In addition, one can apply for a job in Cisco’s networking domain and boost their chances of success. 

  • Prominence in one’s team 

  •   With the help of a CISCO training, one can improve their position among peers and co-workers. 
  •   The command recognition and respect give them a leading role and equip them with better methods to progress in the IT sector.

  • Unique learning network 

  •   The CISCO learning network is one of its kind. It is a Web 2.0 community that features blogs, collaboration, wikis, sharing of documents, etc. 
  •   The network equips one with a wealth of services available to anyone looking for simulation labs, training and certification, corporate internships, roadmaps, job listings, employee recruiting and referral, mentorship, etc. 
  •   The CISCO learning network was exclusively designed for people at all levels of knowledge and experience interested in a networking career. 

  • A mediating step 

  •   Multiple CISCO certifications require one to pass the CCNA examination before completing the entire Cisco program. 
  •   A valid CISCO certification is a gateway to attending other CISCO training courses. 


The CCNA certification program is quintessential as it bolsters one’s skills and helps retain their position in various networking tasks. The essence of the certification lies primarily in developing the analytical and problem-solving skills required in the IT and networking industries. The booming finesse in networking technologies forecasts a worldwide shortage of adept networking professionals, which is a good enough reason for one to kick-start their networking career. 

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