Flaunt Chappals in Style without Compromising Comfort

It’s that time of the year when you revive your closet for the season. Just like clothes, your footwear too should be more suited to fit the weather. Your feet should feel more relaxed and airier besides looking sophisticated and cool. Therefore, what is better than amazing sets of chappals during this season? Pairing the right outfit with the right kind of chappal can make you look and feel fashionable. 

The idea for most fashionable outfits is that they should reflect your personality without making you compromise on comfort. Chappal for men and women – usually an overlooked accessory – can quickly convert any garment into the most stylish outfit with a bit of effort and the right add-ons.

While the old-school chappals were available only in limited varieties and neutral colors, the recent ones offer numerous colours, styles, and types. Below listed are some of the best kinds of chappals you can try to create an ultra-stylish look. Choose from what best suits your style and comfort:

Flip Flops or Thong Sandals

With sultry summers incoming, one of the most comfortable and fashionable kinds of chappal invented are flip-flops. They were a hit during the ’90s and are emerging back into fashion again with a bang. Flip-flops and thong sandals are delicate and are thus recommended for light walks and leisure activities.

You can pair them with jeans or shorts and a loose basic t-shirt to enjoy a casual look. You can also stay at home or visit the beach in these cool chappals for men. These serve as the perfect footwear for Indian humid weather.


These open-toed and backless sandals are best suited for the fiery heat and sweaty season. They provide the best ventilation, are super lightweight, and are super trendy. Slides go best with tapered ends or wide pants and relaxed denim. 

They come in bold, vibrant colors and are best suited for beach vacations or can serve as streetwear. You can easily pair them with your college outfits or wear them for casual day-to-day errands.

Leather Sandals

For one of the best and most royal looks, leather sandals, without a doubt, must be there in your collection of chappals. These are best suited for non-humid weather. Whether it’s an informal meet or a casual get-together, there’s nothing more elegant and cozier than a pair of leather sandals.

Pair leather sandals with casual trousers and a shirt, or you can even wear these as office sandals for men during casual days. A leather watch can be a great add-on to your look.

Dress Sandals

Dress sandals are closed-toe sandals with a broad back strap. These can be made up of leather, suede, silk, or velvet. They can give your look a touch of class, even in your most casual attire. You can welcome summer and its heat with open arms with these sandals.

Pick these for business casuals or as office sandals for men or you can also pair them with cotton pants and polo t-shirts for a casual day out.

Kolhapuri Chappals for men

The love for India’s culturally rich handicraft brings us to Kolhapuri chappals for men. These chappals’ exquisite prints, fabric, knits, and aesthetics have only evolved, making the style millennial. This ethnic OG footwear appeals to the men’s sense of fashion with its ultimate mix of comfort, craft, and style. 

These suede chappals for men will give a rich finish to your ethnic look and can turn you into a style icon instantly. Club it with a kurta and jeans for a chic look.

Hawaiian Chappals for men

Well-known Hawaiian sandals or chappals are also recognized as slippers. They can be worn on almost any affair and at any time to create the perfect everyday look. Being comfortable for any weather, these sandals can be your best companion for picnics or beach outings. 

These can be paired with shorts, Bermudas, and Hawaiian or aloha shirts. They come in bright, bold, and funky patterns and colors and are made of rubber.

Final words

Chappals for men go back a very long time. Initially designed to give the utmost comfort and protection for the feet indoors, chappals are now a go-to trend. Except for the ones mentioned, there are many more different types and styles of sandals for men, such as hiking sandals, running sandals, water sandals, gladiators, etc. 

There’s a chappal for men for every occasion, be it a wedding, a festive season, vacations, or casual meetups. They can range from heavy and closed to light and open and are never out of fashion. Every penny you invest in a chappal is worth it as it’s about getting quality products at the best price. Thus, always remember to put your best foot forward with the best footwear. 


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