Cricket – A game celebrated as a festival

Game cricket holds a special identity in the fields of sports being the most popular sport in the world. The word cricket is derived from Anglo Saxon term ‘cricc’, which means shepherd’s staff Cricket is a worldwide sport that most importantly requires the use of a ball and bat. William Gilbert Grace is known as the father of cricket. Cricket is the art of playing. 

To get used to this art, one needs great practice. It is one of the most widespread sports all over the world. It is played between two teams consisting of 11 players each team. And it aims to score the highest number of runs possible. Cricket was first played in the 16th century in southeast England. The ICC international cricket council. Its headquarters are in Dubai, and it is the global governing body of cricket. News cricket news is something where you can get all the facts about cricket, do follow it regularly.

At the center of the field, there should be a rectangular pitch where cricket is played. Cricket is not much popular in countries like the United States as it’s popular in countries like India, England, Australia, etc. It is played with simple equipment consisting of a definite set of rules, but the talent of the players and fast-changing scenarios during these years have made this game immensely popular. The rules of the game of cricket are particularly mentioned in a code called the Laws of Cricket. There are 42 laws known to be drafted in early 1744, and now at present, it is maintained by the Marylebone Cricket Club in London.

  1. You should always hold the bat tight as much as possible
  2. Place the ball in the arc where you feel while batting.
  3. Rigorous practice is required for strokes. Most important is to be patient. Slow and patient work will give the hard result.
  4. The main thing is to concentrate on the ball as this is a key for a timely shot and right shot. The timing of batting should be accurate. If it’s not proper, one may land into getting bowled or caught.
  5. The bowling team fielders will spread on the whole ground according to the order of the captain. Next, the batting team tries to make the best out of as many runs as possible.
  6. Ball goes out of the boundary without touching the ground; it is considered to be a 6 run. If Batman hits the ball and the ball runs and touches the boundary, it is considered to be the four run. 
  7. Each cricket match consists of periods that are known as innings, and the number of innings that each team will be determined before the match.
  8. Tap the bat on the ground line
  9. If you tap the guard line, it directs to the bowler that you are all set for the batting. Do not tap on the ground too hard. Make straight your bat as much as possible to maintain your body form.
  10. Swing bat downwards
  11. After the ball bounces, push your bat down to hit. Place the lead leg front and place the elbow facing towards the bowler. Follow with your bat to hit the ball as much as possible. This cricket batting technique is very common, and it is also known as straight drive. Players who are on the batting side score runs by running between the wickets.

Cricket is played in three formats that is a test match, one day, and T20:

Test match format: In this match format, the team gets the chance to bat and ball twice. This match brings out the real talent of the team and its players as this is played over a longer period. It tests the endurance, patience, and team spirit of the players.

one day format: In this format of cricket, his team gets a single chance to bat and ball. 

twenty-20 format: In this format, a match is played for 20 overs for each team. Usually takes three hours to conclude this match.

A good batsman must possess good hand and eye coordination, strength, running speed, endurance, sound judgment, knowledge of cricket rules, and an understanding of the cricket strategy and tricks. 

Learning a proper cricket bowling technique can be difficult for new learners. To be a good cricketer, one must possess the following skills:

l Good hand-eye coordination

l Having the capability of throwing and catching the ball

l Good batting and bowling technique

l Have patience and good concentration. 

l Apart from this, quick decision-making is required while playing cricket. 

l Hard balls are used while playing cricket, so it’s better to wear protective gear to avoid injury while playing cricket. 

Some health benefits that can be obtained by playing cricket are that playing cricket strengthens muscles, helps to burn calories, improves cardiovascular health, and improves concentration. 

Cricket is a team game where individual teams have to show unity among themselves. Team spirit plays a vital role here. Each player has to play together For their team to defeat the opposite team. 

Make sure that your whole body is involved in the delivery of the ball to achieve maximum bowling with velocity. Using of correct grip is a must while playing cricket proper 360-degree swing of the ball will lead to good bowling.

However, hockey is the national sport of our country, but cricket rules a country like India. 

Cricket is a good sport for developing overall fitness, stamina, endurance, and hand-eye coordination and improves flexibility. 

  1. While playing cricket, the constant running around the field helps to increase stamina. 
  2. A lot of physical activities are involved while playing cricket, like sprinting and throwing across the field, which is very good cardio exercise.

Women’s cricket is also very popular nowadays. It is organized and played separately. It has also achieved international standards all over the world. 

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