Difference between acrylic and crystal awards

Handing out awards to your team members or employees is an excellent way to secure their loyalty. You can use awards to show your appreciation for a game won or a project that went well. Regardless of the reason, you need to make sure you get them the best possible trophy. This can be acrylic or crystal.

What Are the Features of Acrylic Awards?

Custom awards made of acrylic are very popular across the globe. This is due to their cost-effectiveness and long-term durability. These qualities are due to their basic texture as well as the viability of the materials used in making them. Acrylic is basically a highly stylized mix of molded plastic. This makes it lightweight and portable.

You can easily spot a trophy made of acrylic as opposed to one made of crystal. This is due to the fact that crystal awards are made of solid glass. They are much heavier and less portable. They are also somewhat less cost-effective to produce in mass quantities. This is why most awards are of the acrylic variety.

Acrylic also has a very recognizable texture and appearance. It doesn’t shine in the same way that crystal does. This is due to the fact that being made of securely molded plastic, it won’t reflect or transmit light in the manner of crystal or other forms of glass. It also won’t break as easily if you drop it.

If you want to reward an entire team or group of employees, acrylic may well be the best way to go. It’s portable, lightweight, easy to produce on short notice, and very cost-effective. It may not shine as brilliantly as crystal, but it will certainly look good on a mantel. For quick satisfaction, acrylic is recommended.

What Are the Features of Crystal Awards?

There are many physical qualities of crystal that manage to engage the fascination of people. One of them may be the brilliance that is reflected in its glittering surface. Because it’s made of glass, a crystal award will also have this dazzling quality. If you are looking to wow someone, this is the type of award you should first consider. However, there are some drawbacks.

As noted above, crystal isn’t quite as lightweight or portable as an acrylic award. It also costs a bit more to produce, especially if you are ordering for an entire team or group of employees. Since the material is a bit more complex to put together, this is one cost that will have to be passed to the customer.

With that being said, the impression that you can make with a crystal award may be well worth the extra expense. The shimmering quality that they exude makes them very well prized possessions. They also reflect the ability of your company to provide only the best and most stylish awards for your employees.

The Award Needs to Fit the Occasion

One very crucial factor that needs to be kept in mind is the fact that the award you choose needs to fit the occasion. If it’s a casual, in-house affair that marks a notable but not extraordinary achievement, acrylic may be best. It’s a great way to support the continuing efforts of workers who deserve recognition.

The culture that you want to create for your business also should come into the equation. If you are a business that prides itself on recognizing as many team achievements as possible, you will probably hand out awards more often. You can use acrylic in order to keep your costs down.

If you want to honor a groundbreaking achievement or recognize a valuable employee when they retire, why not go all out? Crystal is best for unique occasions.

Choose the Style of Your Upcoming Awards

The various qualities of crystal and acrylic awards have been discussed above. You will have to make the choice that fits best with the needs of your team or company. If the choice is one that has to do with the size of your budget, acrylic may be best. If it’s purely about style, crystal is the answer.

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