How To Choose The Best Monitor For Trading

Are you just starting your career in stock trading or FOREX trading and wondering about the monitor that can give your optimal results? Well, fret not, because the main aim of this article is to guide you on how to choose the best monitor for your trading sojourn. 

As a trader, you are seconds away from either colossal profits or loss, and mind you, your monitor has a lot to do with these effects. Trading requires having the right information at the very right time and the ability to move from one trading info to the other. This is shuffling between focusing on reading a couple of charts at once and getting ahead with other data such as understanding what an indicator is saying. View more here.

Below are the factors to consider when choosing a monitor for trading

For a trader, the monitor is one of your most important instruments. This gives you the necessary edge above the market. Some of the factors you need to consider before making your choice are as follows; 

The Size Of The Monitor

This is one of the places where sizes do matter. Get this right, no one is saying you have to get a monitor of 50″ or so. No, what is being said here is getting something that is quite conspicuous and wouldn’t take up your whole workspace without availing you of air to breathe. 

Your best bet is going for a monitor with either 24″ or 25″ size. These will allow you to get the right data you need for successful trades. 

The Resolution Of The Monitor

Without mincing words. Resolution takes a larger chunk when it comes to trading. The ability to be able to glimpse data any time of the day is second to none of the above necessary features for a trading monitor. 

As a trader, you will surely be holed up in front of your monitor, say a minimum of 8 hours a day, night inclusive. From having to read sidebars, graphs, and data at all possible times and sure enough, the different time zones, you need the best monitor that will offset the quality graphical description you need. 

Now imagine being saddle with a screen that has a whack resolution quality. Heck. 

The most important thing to discern is that the size and resolution of a monitor screen are at par with each other. What this means is that going for a higher resolution monitor will not necessarily make your work a lot easier as this may compound the details but deciding In line with the size of the monitor will give you the best. What causes this is the number of pixels needed to display the quality of data you need and not the size of the pixel. 

The Design Of The Monitor

Apart from the size of the monitor, the next most important features in the design of the monitor. What this means is that the add-ons on the monitor will make it easy to adjust. You wouldn’t want to be in one position for a very long time as this will surely strain your eyes. 

So, to avoid this, monitor which ensures tilting and height adjustment. Having a monitor allows optimum adjustment is necessary for a very successful trading sojourn. Making quite an early decision leads to productivity as a trader. And the right monitor can give you that. 

Eye Care Feature 

Make no mistake of not considering this. As a trader, best believe that you will spend much of your time in front of your screen. There is no way from this, you will need to spend a minimum of 8 hours a day to be one of the most successful traders out there. 

Now, the need to get a monitor that comes with an eye care feature wouldn’t seem illogical to you. Some monitors that come with blue lighting are the best bet for you. 


Taking all the above into cognizance, you should be able to make a better choice from the arrays of computer monitors when choosing the right monitor for your trading sojourn. I wish you good luck as you do and I hope this does make your choice simpler and easier.

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