What measures do singers take during cold winters?

If you are a singer, you must always be dreaded about hurting your throat. Winters are the most challenging part of the year for the singers. The temperature inside and outside always poses a threat to your vocal cords. Also, practicing in cold weather becomes very difficult. You might catch a cold and cough easily, and that makes your vocal cords so vulnerable to damage. So it is very important to take some appropriate measures during cold winters to maintain a healthy singing voice. 

Here are few tips which will surely help you out. Let’s get started.

Stay Hydrated and take steam.

Moisture is paramount for good vocal health. Staying hydrated will allow the creation of more hyaluronic acid, which naturally lubricates and moisturizes the vocal cords. While practicing, cold air can make your throat dry and can make it difficult for you to practice. If you don’t hydrate yourself regularly and practice with dry vocal cords, it can permanently damage your vocal cords or irritate them. Steam does wonder when it comes to relieving your nasal passages. It can also help you prevent developing any infections due to cold weather. Drinking warm liquids complimented with steam really works like magic.

Warm-Up Properly

The way you warm up plays a great role in preserving your voice in winter. In winter, it takes a bit longer to adjust your vocal cords according to temperature. Don’t just get started with your practice without any prior warm-up. Hum gently in the notes, which comes to you naturally until you feel you are good to practice difficult notes. Be smart with your warm-up.

Keep Your Immune System Happy. 

No wonder one might catch a cold, or cough, and various other infections during the winter season easily. But if your defense system is strong, the chances are very low. Eat healthy food, sleep well and take Vitamin C or multivitamins every day to boost your immune system. Exercising daily will help you to keep your immune system strong. These all are indirect factors, but that doesn’t decrease their importance in keeping your singing voice healthy.

Practice breathing exercises.

Our nasal passages are blocked easily during the winters. This can make practicing difficult. Breathing exercises can help you get the instant energy required for singing. Practice deep breathing or Anulomvilom. Anulomvilom is a type of controlled breathing. Hold one nostril closed while inhaling, then hold the other nostril closed while exhaling. Breathe again from the nostril you exhaled and repeat the process. It generates a lot of energy and is great for your respiratory health. 

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