Apple MacBook Air m1 FAQ 2021-2022

Apple MacBook Air M1 FAQ –


Question 1 – what is base clock speed for this product?

Answer – 3.2 GHz for 8 CV ore GPU


Question 2 – Apple macbook air is made in?(which country)

Answer – 🇨🇳


Question 3 – Which os in this will get macos 10.14 mojave or macos 11 bigsur?

Answer – Big sur


Question 4 – Does it have backlit keyboard ?

Answer – Yes.


Question 5 – apple macbook air m1 suitable for softwares like adobe premiere pro or photoshop without any lag ?

Answer – Yes


Question 6 – Pls state diff between this model and 1.2 Lakh model ??

Answer – The size of memory space on hard disk


Question 7 – Does it support both 2.5 GHz and 5 ghz

Answer – Yes


Question 8 – Is it safe to use laptop continuously when it on charging

Answer – Yes but the battery is super good just charge it full and air gives ap ok Roxy 15 to 16 hrs and pro gives a few hours more


Question 9 – Macbook air m1 has no fan.Does it has any heating issues while coding???

Answer – No heating faced till now


Question 10 – This macbook air m1 is good for data science and machine learning?

Answer – Very efficient in productivity work.


Question 11 – Can we upgrade the storage of 256 GB version?

Answer – No


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