How to Enhance Your Knowledge Having a Busy Schedule

How to Enhance Your Knowledge Having a Busy Schedule : It is very common these days how we feel like people around us know a lot and we are lagging behind when it comes to having knowledge. We often end up feeling intimidated and overpowered by people who know too much. Well, if you have the thirst for knowledge you do not need to feel guilty for not knowing enough, because honestly none of us knows enough. So, straighten up, and let the learning begin.

Read the paper 

The best way possible to stay in touch with the current affairs as well as basic worldly knowledge is to create a habit of reading the daily paper. To be even more on the knowledgeable side, pick any two newspapers and make a habit of reading them simultaneously. It might take up your entire morning, but what it will do is help you understand different perspectives and rhetoric they use to write the news and you will probably start understanding what exactly is going on. Everyone reads the paper, but what helps you actually understand the situation is by reading from different places. 

One month into reading the paper, you will realise how your knowledge has increased. You will feel aware and up to date with the world and a day will not go by without reading the paper. 

Watch Documentaries 

Well, not everybody is interested in politics and the political current affairs, but if you are aware of the specific subject you want to increase your knowledge in, you can find several ways to learn about it. The best way according to us, is watching documentaries. Documentaries are one of the most fun ways of learning. They dig deep in the specific topic and teach you almost everything about the topic. Be it a documentary about antique tea cups, cakes, cycling, calligraphy, history, something educational, or even mountaineering,

It gets the viewer completely involved and interested making them watch more and more. It is a very interesting way of learning and it never bores you. All you need for watching a good documentary on YouTube is a good internet connection that is good enough to play videos in HD. One good internet service we know about is Xfinity internet. Xfinity internet deals come in a budget and with their nationwide WiFi option is it easy to use internet anywhere.

Learning about what interests you already is a very good way to take your knowledge game to the next level.

Read books whenever possible

Books are a very traditional way of learning and never really get outdated. Reading is a time taking process but is beneficial in more than one ways. First being, it increases your knowledge. Second, reading about someone else, puts you in his or her shoes and makes you empathetic towards others. Whether it is a book written in first person or it is a real person’s biography, you feel like you are there feeling what they feel. Thirdly, reading books an hour or half before bed, has proven to improve the quality of people’s sleep. Screens give your brain signal that you still need to stay up and it is bright, while reading books take your mind off the routine issues and take you to a different zone, after which your sleep quality gets better. 

If you want to take your reading game a level further, start reading critical analysis by famous critiques to find out other opinions about the text that you have been reading. This will help you understand the reasons behind those opinions. 

Stay Updated On Social Media 

While we do stay updated on the social media for memes and entertainment, there are also news channels and pages that share the daily news in a very light way. You can follow these channels and pages and come across news daily and then you can go on their website and read the ones you are interested in. 

Find out which subject you are most interested in and what is trending in that particular subject through social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram and Tiktok. Talking about politics does not make you cool, what makes you cool is when you have enough knowledge about your own specific subject. 

Engage In Discussions 

Never feel small for not knowing something. Your thirst for knowledge is exactly what makes you unique and stand out. So, when you see your friends, or people at your workplace having discussions on difficult topics, engage with them and tell them what you think about it. This way they get to learn a few things from you, and you get to learn a few things from them. We often feel insecure and not confident about our opinions but what we do not realise is there are many people who might learn from what we tell them. Every opinion matters and every opinion is valid. So be confident and say it out. 

Never Miss the Headlines

It is usually the case that you change the channel when watching the TV when it is time for the headlines. Even though watching the headlines is super annoying and boring, it only stays for a couple of minutes. So, the next time when you see headlines, do not change the channel and watch those few minutes to stay updated on what is going on in the world. 

Apart from headlines, there are channels on the TV, which are very informative and have educational TV shows. Make a habit of watching such a show at least once a week where they call someone scholarly in the health, IT, business, culture, or literature or any other field and ask him or her to educate the audience. You might find these shows boring, but trust us they are not.

These were some basic tips about enhancing and increasing your knowledge, because remember knowledge is power, and it makes you feel confident! 

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