Enhancing intelligence: tips for online learners

Tips For Enhancing Intelligence : “Intelligence is of paramount importance to live life sensibly because, without intelligence, there is no clarity. Any clarity is the intelligence everyone is capable of.” – Jaggi Vasudev.

An active and intelligent mind is very important for every learner to perform well at the different stages of their lives. With intelligence abilities, effectiveness and accomplishments of our goals and objectives become easy. We perform well, face the situations effectively, think accordingly and hence act accordingly. Let’s discuss the two main types of intelligence involved in the educational process for the learners.

Types of intelligence

To perform effectively in the educational field and career lives of the students, two main areas of intelligence are important to enhance and improve. Let us discuss them.


Crystallized intelligence 

Crystallized intelligence refers to the ability to use pre-existing skills and knowledge that students have gained in their learning process and through different experiences of life. In simple language, it is using your pre-acquired knowledge to learn and understand new information. It is a type of intelligence that grows and increases with time. It attains stability during the adulthood period and starts declining with old age. More the knowledge, learning, and experience of life, more will be the crystallized intelligence of a learner.

For example, students have been learning English as a language since elementary classes of schooling. These existing vocabulary, reading, and comprehension skills deepen the knowledge of the English subject.

Fluid intelligence

Fluid intelligence refers to thinking, reasoning, and acting abstractly. It is not linked with the crystallized intelligence accumulated information and knowledge. It is basically, responding to the immediate problems and complexities. Fluid intelligence is independent of the pre-acquired knowledge of a student. In today’s time, quick problem-solving abilities and reasoning abilities are the need of the hour for every student. The students who can face complex challenges and come up with immediate remedies and problem solvers are highly appreciated. They excel more in their career lives. Fluid intelligence helps the learners to achieve success in education as well as in other aspects of their lives. Solving riddles, quizzes, complex quantitative and analytical sums are some examples in which fluid intelligence is used.

Habits to improve intelligence: for online learners

1. Perform mind games 

For improving your cognitive skills and abilities, performing mind games is very important. Online class app for virtual classes indulge their students in mindful activities. Learning with the help of quizzes, riddles, puzzles, and multiple-choice questions enhances the logical thinking of the learners. All the students to increase their brain efficiency and functioning must practice actively in these mindful games and activities conducted on an online teaching app.

Perform mind games

Through these fun and exciting games, the IQ level of the learners is improved to a great extent. By playing these mind games, problem thinking capacity and solving complex situations are enhanced. This furthermore helps in the growth and development of the fluid intelligence of the students. All these aspects help in improving the brain activity, the intelligence of the learners, and also their performance in academics.

2. Read more 

Reading is a very important practice. There is no denying in saying that reading increases the intelligence of the learners.  The process of reading the content and other study material fastens the intelligence of the students. We all know that effective reading practice demands proper focus and attention. When we do a task with proper focus and concentration, our mind is stimulated and the brainpower, thinking ability is boosted.

Read more

With the help of an online class app, the study material is available in an online form but still, teachers should make sure that learners are reading thoroughly the content available to them. This will enhance their quality of learning and academic

Performance in online classes.

3. Review the knowledge gained 

Reviewing and revising the knowledge gained is an important task to enhance your brain efficiency and intelligence. Repeating, revising, and rethinking improves your memorization power that automatically fastens your mind’s activities and functions. Review what you are learning. This will help you to find out the points where you can improve, expand and enhance the information that you are receiving. For the students who are learning via the teaching app, make sure that you are revising and reviewing the information and education being received.

Review the knowledge gained 

Repetitive learning strengthens your knowledge. For example, if you have completed a particular topic in the class, revise it on your own. Practice all the exercises related to it and later re-revise the topic. This will help in strengthening your learning capacity and crystallized intelligence as well.

4. Mediate

 Meditation is very important for improving and enriching your mental efficiency and functioning. Brain activity and meditation are directly link and connect. Every student should meditate on an everyday basis. This will help them to increase their focus, concentration power, mental alertness, and overall intelligence. Teachers can start their classes with five to ten minutes of meditation practice.


During this, all students should focus on a particular word that provides them peace and mental stability with their eyes closed.


The above-mentioned habits are very helpful for online learners to improve their intelligence and brain efficiency. By adopting and following these habits constantly, learners will perform better in their academics and virtual classrooms. Their logical thinking, analytical thinking, reasoning ability, and solving complex problems will improve to a great extent. Teachers and parents should all encourage their learners to indulge in these activities.

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