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Look And Feel Warm And Wonderful With These Winter Fashions!

Winter in the USA is the time we gather around the fireplace drinking mugs of hot cocoa (with a little brandy mixed in if you are over 21!) and watch the snow fall outside the window, snug as a bug in a rug and full of winter cheer. Of course, we can’t spend all our time inside, eventually, we will have to brave the winter weather and venture out into the snow. That’s when we have a chance to slip into our wonderful new winter fashions! Winter is the time to layer up and mix and match so we look our very best without feeling the chill! Here are some of our favourite winter wear choices for you to consider before you go walking in that winter wonderland:

Faux Fur Jacket – No one wears the skin of dead animals anymore, it’s totally gauche and likely to end up splattered with paint from protestors, and rightly so! Fortunately, you can slip into a lovely faux fur jacket that’s fuzzy, warm, and friendly to the environment, and doesn’t cost you, or some poor beast, an arm and a leg! Go for bright, vivid colours that are sure to look unnatural so everyone will know you are faking it, and will make it easy to find you if you get caught in a snow drift!

Winter Hat – They say that 90% of your body’s heat escapes through the top of your head in cold weather, so wearing a good winter hat isn’t just a fashion statement, it’s survival! While it’s true that a lot of traditional winter hats are really, well, ugly, there are some options that are guaranteed to make you look cool out in the cold. Say bonjour to the beret, an icon of French fashion that can be worn with savoir-faire anywhere! The beret is a round, soft, flat-crowned hat worn by both sexes. Go for one made of warming wool felt, and choose whatever colour suits your fancy, although raspberry red might just land you a prince!

Scarves – No winter ensemble is complete without a scarf to keep your neck warm and look fabulous while doing it! No more sore throats with a nice, wool scarf to keep the chill away, especially if you are a singer who plans to go troll the ancient Yuletide carol! Scarves come in a huge variety of lengths, widths, patterns, and colours, so you are sure to find one that matches your look. Styles come and go, but some tend to last, so don’t hesitate to go for big bold stripes, and you will always feel glad in plaid!

Mittens – Yes, these comfy cozy hand warmers aren’t just for kittens any more, they make us humans look cute as a button, too! Mittens are a glove in which all the fingers stay together while the thumb opposes them. They aren’t very good for berry picking, but they will keep your mitts warm and toasty all winter long! We love wool mittens with fun wintry patterns like reindeer, snowflakes, and hazard lights!

The US National Weather Service says baby, it’s cold outside, so be sure to bundle up and look wonderful for your winter!

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