Why Indian Women Look Awesome in Traditional Sarees ?

Everyone is aware of how good an Indian woman looks in Indian and traditional saree. saree is a dress that is worn by Indian women during festivals and special occasions. Many women from the north east region and south region of India only wear saree everyday as saree is their tradition and they must follow their culture. saree is such a beautiful attire that every Indian woman loves to wear.

Traditional Sarees

Advantages of saree: 

  • It is more comfortable than jeans and other western outfits.
  • The draping makes it more elegant and beautiful and it also suits every woman no matter what their complexion is.
  • It is graceful attire and has plenty of space for embroidery work and different designs.
  • That feel of beauty and elegance can only be felt in saree by Indian women. Beauty is best reveal in the saree. It is present everywhere from grandma’s shelves to granddaughters’ wardrobe.
  • Women can take it from anywhere as it is available everywhere in India from north to south or east to west. Every single city of India has saree shops which also shows its importance and how popular saree is in India.
  • There are unlimited options for saree in India. It can be traditional Kanjivaram or modern silk sarees. You can definitely have unlimited options of different styles and different patterns when it comes to saree and when you choose it as your attire.
  • If you want to have a designer collection of beautiful sarees, you can visit wholesale saree online which is present on different sites or the famous stores which are popular in your locality.

Indian Women in Traditional Sarees

Saree manufacturers :

 Sarees come in different forms or of different designs in India basically from different states . We have the Kasavu saree from Kerala, Sambalpuri Sarees and Bomkai from Odisha, Tant sarees from West Bengal, and many more types of sarees. We also have plenty of saree manufacturers in India. Here are some of the best ones:

  • Kanchipuram Lakshya Sarees, Tamil Nadu:

This is one of the biggest manufacturers of Kanchipuram silk sarees which is located in Tamil Nadu, India. They even  have more than a thousand handloom weavers in their business. These kanchipuram sarees are selling in many famous cities like Chennai, Bangalore, Delhi, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai, and various other places through dealers.

  • Artisan GI, Varanasi:

Indian Women Look Awesome in Traditional Sarees

They are famous for the world-famous Banarasi sarees. They really make very beautiful Banarasi Sarees and sell them at higher prices. Artisan GI plays a major role in giving employment to weavers. As it helps underprivileged weavers by giving the work to them.

  • Textile Megastore Gujarat:

TextileMegastore is a very popular saree manufacturer in Surat which is famous for their good fabrics used in making designer sarees.  They even export their very high quality products to more than 20 countries. These manufactures a diverse range of sarees like expensive printed wear, regular wear, designer sarees, etc. They make sarees of different materials like silk sarees, dyed matching sarees, cotton sarees, synthetic sarees, etc.

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