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Details You Need to Have About PSM™ Training Cost

Are you planning to enroll in the Professional Scrum Master™ Training course? Then here is all that you need to know about the cost of the course. This training course can turbocharge your career. PSM™ is the job role you can find in an agile development team. A PSM™ serves as a servant leader and facilitator for a Scrum team, integrating Scrum best practices, tools, and skillsets to ensure success. By enrolling in this training program you can gain the key ideas that allow a team to self-organize and respond swiftly to tasks and situations.

So, to know more about the PSM® Training cost, let’s give it a read. But before that let’s learn why PSM training certification is a must in the agile world.

Significance of PSM™ Certification

Today’s product development is all about tight schedules, quick responses, cost savings, and high-quality end goods — all of which Scrum guarantees. Scrum is thus, considered as the new-age product development doctrine that every competitive company wants to adopt. As a result, they require skilled and experienced personnel who are familiar with the framework and know how to apply it to the business.

If you enroll in the training program of PSM™, then it verifies your understanding of Agile and Scrum principles and qualifies them for work in the sector. The certification is a well-recognized credential that you may use in a variety of fields and is highly appreciated in the Scrum community. This internationally recognized PSM™ certification improves not just your view of servant leadership but also helps to grow your ability to serve the team effectively.

PSM™ Training Cost

The cost of the Scrum.org PSM™ certification varies depending on where you live. The below-given table shows the cost of PSM™ training in each nation including the United States, India, the United Kingdom, Australia, and Canada.

Country Currency Cost
India INR 22,998
United Kingdom GBP 899
Australia AUD 1199
Canada CAD 1099

Cost Summary of PSM™ Training

A course has different steps to complete before handing over the certification to the candidate. And so, the cost of the training program is divided into different segments. These are:

Cost Segments of PSM™ Cost
Online training/PSM™ Classroom Training Cost It depends on the location mentioned above.
Exam cost of PSM™ The cost of the exam is included in the training program fee (applicable to all of the above-mentioned locations)
Retake cost of PSM™ exam The first two tries for retaking the exam are included in the overall training fee. This is only applicable if taken within 14 days of receiving the assessment key.
PSM™ Certification Renewal Fee There is no requirement to recertify as it is valid for a lifetime.

Benefits of becoming PSM™ Certified

By enrolling in the PSM™ Training program, a candidate can earn many benefits. These are like:


  • Can prove their Scrum knowledge to peers.
  • Speed up the turnaround time and improve the workflow.
  • Work on complex and large projects without any complications.
  • Implement an advanced thinking process to inculcate the values of servant leadership.


  • Scrum may help to transform the organization with effective projects and ideas.
  • Lead and motivate a team of Scrum experts to bring more benefits to projects.
  • Resolve disputes even with complex organizational setups and meet the problems.


So, now that you know, what may be the PSM® Training cost, think and decide wisely. As enrolling in a PSM™ training session can bring a range of opportunities, so it is important to make an informed decision.

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