Prep Booster for Banking PO Exam from the Initial Stage

Aspirants are seeking ways to initiate banking PO preparation from scratch. The solution is straightforward: no need to start from scratch. The main factor for this is that you are already acquainted with Basic English, basic mathematics, and basic reasoning, and you may have minimal knowledge of current news. Essentially, all you need to do is improve your skills, comprehension, method of answering questions, speed, and a variety of other factors that will help you pass not only the Bank PO Test but any other examination with a comparable curriculum and examination format.

The First Step in Preparation

The time required for the preparation should be decently five months. If you are eligible, attempt to join a professional entrance. Don’t simply read everything, focus and understand what you are reading and why you are reading it. Give each examination equal importance regardless of the job or the number of openings available. Try giving as many IBPS PO mock test sets as you can, and everything will fit on the shelves. You should not waste time learning new concepts and techniques; instead, concentrate on your skills. Finally, only diligent preparation and a peaceful mindset are required to make the pinnacle of your list.

Do’s and Don’ts for Prelims

Practice as many prior year’s test papers and mock exams as feasible. Don’t lose focus on the prelims by focusing solely on the mains test. Don’t evaluate problems in the English section with skepticism. When you’re in the middle of a problem, try to finish the computation and then view the options to avoid confusion. Furthermore, try developing your own methods and approaches for questions such as to estimate, sequence, quadratic, and so on. Don’t approach Brainteasers in the logic section at first. Securing is critical regardless of whatever inquiry offers you points; try to remember that each query has the same scores. Don’t invest more than 50 seconds on a specific question.

Preparation for Mains 

Preliminary exams are only a practice run. The mains are a genuine conflict.¬†The reasoning is a landmine, and Quant is a horror. Therefore, as a result, approach each situation with caution. All who think they are insecure in English and consider it a pain, please need not rush the phrases and norms that are of little benefit? Read about these topics on a daily basis and attempt the sample exam. There are no tactics required; only guarantee that your sole understanding of profit and loss, average, M&A, percentage, WTD, SI, and CI is clear. Try to do exceptionally well in general matters and English. They truly are impact players. When it comes to the reasoning portion, don’t start writing immediately; instead, attempt to go over the entire category in five minutes and then attempt the simple answers.


Bank PO exams are difficult. Nothing is really unattainable if you study well enough. So wake up and begin your preparations. To start with, it is never too late. Many professional coaching provide candidates with complete ibps po mock test preparation, including giving them vital study resources, one-on-one doubt clarifying workshops, and many other services. Even if you cannot afford such pricey programs, there are several online platforms that are rich in knowledge and study resources.

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