Social Media Apps And What You Can Do On Them

Regardless of whether you are a student or a person who works a proper job, life is honestly so busy that you rarely find the time to surf the internet or socialize with people. Having a social media presence is necessary because it allows you to socialize with people and make new friends. This is exactly why these platforms are called “social” media platforms. All you need in order to access these platforms is to have a good internet connection such as Xfinity so that you could use the internet as much as you want to socialize with people and channel out all those extrovert tendencies. Here are some social media apps and how you can use them to ensure a social media presence. 


These days TikTok is one of the most used applications all over the world. That is because after every once in a while, someone comes up with a new trend that everyone all over the world starts following, so there’s something always going on in TikTok. TikTok basically allows you to make short videos and whatever you make is entirely up to you. People make short aesthetic videos or they record themselves dancing. Some people even make short comedy skits on TikTok or if not even skits, they make short funny videos that would be entertaining to audiences. One of the best things about TikTok is that it lets you add really cool effects and transitions to your videos which make the whole experience really fun. 


The social media platform that (almost) started it all. While people struggled with MySpace, the creation of Facebook made things a lot easier and there was so much to do on Facebook that people absolutely loved it from the start. At the start, Facebook even had some really fun games to play such as Farmville which was then shut down later. Even today, Facebook gives you the opportunity to socialize with people without having to meet in person. You can say whatever is on your mind in a status or you could post your favorite pictures and videos. Facebook then went on to purchase WhatsApp and Instagram. Facebook later changed its name to Meta and WhatsApp and IG now come under the umbrella of Meta as well. 


It remains to be one of the best applications to upload all your favorite pictures and videos. Instagram also gives you the option to upload stories on the go, meaning you could keep all your friends updated with all the stories you upload. Instagram, after being bought by Facebook/Meta, now comes under the umbrella of Meta. It also gives you the option to go live, meaning you can interact with your followers who are watching your live video in real-time. Instagram lets you add music to your stories so you can also introduce your followers to good music, similarly you can share good music from your Spotify onto your Instagram stories so that your followers could listen to that music as well. 


The platform that is even regularly used by celebrities, Twitter just lets you speak your mind to the world. It lets everyone directly stay in touch with each other and this is where celebrities update whatever is happening in their lives. Twitter allows you to post polls as well and it gives you the option of uploading images and videos that would go well with whatever you post. However, each of your tweets has a certain word limit so it is best that you write within those limits so that you could get your message across effectively. If you are someone who takes a keen interest in whatever is going on in your favorite celebrity’s life, then Twitter is most definitely the platform that you need to have on your phone. 


Honestly, most people just use it for snapstreaks now. When you send someone a picture every day for three days in a row and they send you one back, you start a snapstreak. However, you need to send each other a picture or a video every day to make sure your streak isn’t broken. Other than that, Snapchat is the pioneer when it came to the introduction of filters and the concept of adding pictures and videos to your “story” which was then taken up by Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp later. Snapchat also gives you a collection of amazing filters to use which could be used for comedic purposes or they could make you look good. 

In Conclusion

These are some of the best social media apps that have been created over the years and people have absolutely loved being a part of them. Now it is like these apps have become a very essential part of our lives and life just feels incomplete without them. 

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