Style 2022’s Coolest Fashion Accessory-Ankle Socks the right Way

Ankle socks are the new trending fashion accessory everyone’s talking about. Sophisticated fashionistas around the globe are embracing ankle socks. From Alia Bhatt to Kylie Jenner, all the cool fashion girls wear ankle socks with dresses, jeans, and skirts. But like with any OTT fashion accessory, styling ankle socks wrong can spoil your entire look. But pairing your ankle socks the right way can make you look chic. Don’t worry. Here are seven full-proof ways to style ankle socks with every outfit.

Schoolgirl Style Plaid Skirt and Ballerinas

Channel your inner ten-year-old self by pairing a plaid skirt with girl school shoes of the adult ballerina variety and preppy ankle socks. Pair with an edgy backpack for more adult flair and wide-rimmed glasses to finish the look.

Midi Skirts with Kitten Heels

Pair a ladylike midi skirt with kitten heels and lace ankle socks for the perfect, breezy, and comfy summer look. Add on a leather jacket for some edge, or embrace the girliness with a pastel cardigan for winter looks.

Wide-Legged Pants and Ankle Boots

Pants mean business and ankle socks are a great way to add some interest to formal pants. Pair flared pants with ankle boots and a perfectly patterned pair of socks peeking through. Add a blazer for work and dress down with a slinky silk top for post-work drinks.

Midi 90’s Style Dresses with chunky sneakers

Embrace your inner kooky Phoebe Buffay by pairing 90’s staple midi dresses with chunky sneakers and ankle socks. Layer the whole look with a cosy, oversized sweater and bare arms for summer.

Workout Leggings, Oversize Bomber jacket

Busy city girls know the pain of being on the go at all times. Transition seamlessly from the gym to the coffee shop by pairing your favourite workout leggings with an oversize bomber jacket, flat sandals, and bright-coloured ankle socks.

Ankle Length Jeans and Casual Tee

Ankle socks are the perfect accompaniment for casual looks or even lounging-around-the-house- outfits. Pair jeans that hit right at the ankle with a pair of fun socks and a casual tee. You can choose socks with fun, cartoon prints, childhood nostalgia patterns, and quirky sayings if you feel particularly playful.

Lace Edged Ankle Socks paired with demure sundresses

Inspired by all things Bridgerton? While you obviously can’t wear full regency outfits in 2022. But you can channel your inner debutante with demure sundresses and lace-edged ankle socks. You can carry a vintage flower print purse or pearl edge clutch in place of parasols.

Ankle Boots and Body Hugging Mini

Add a little streetwear edge to cosy socks by pairing them with ankle boots and a body-hugging mini. Add on a leather jacket if you feel extra tough, or add bold accessories to complete the look.

Party Dresses and High Heel Pumps

Repeat after us-You can wear ankle socks with party dresses. All the top fashionistas are already doing it. Add a sporty edge to glamorous party dresses by pairing them with ankle socks and heels. Add on a sequined clutch, and you are good to go. We suggest choosing ankle socks in metallic colours or with an edge of sequins or shimmer.

Overalls with broad-brimmed hats

Embrace country-chic by pairing a comfy pair of denim or cotton overalls with a broad-brimmed hat, ankle socks, and chunky sandals. Add a vintage summer scarf to pull together the look. You can even match your socks with your head gear-adding on a printed bandana, headband, or cap with your socks.

Winter Woolens and Cozy Knits

Last but not least, and a total match in heaven, pair winter wear with ankle socks. Some ideas and pairings to get you inspired-velvet dresses, boots, ankle socks, oversized sweaters with knee-length skirts and ankle socks layered under, Trench coats, comfy leggings, flared pants, and peek-a-boo socks showing through.

Style and Statement On A Budget

Socks are an easy way to express your unique sense of style and creativity. They are affordable and add the perfect pop of colour and excitement to otherwise boring looks. And they are also very comfortable. Pro Tip: Get yourself acquainted with various sock materials to get the best out of your outfit. And materials don’t have to conform to seasons either. Pair velvet socks in winter or under party dresses for a little oomph. 

Wear lace-edged, vintage style, delicately thin ankle socks with summer dresses. And wear sturdy cotton under casual dresses and utilitarian overalls or baggy jeans. You can even score yourself some leather socks for a stand-out look that will turn heads. Embrace patterns and colours, and don’t be afraid to pair socks with unconventional footwear like heels-you may be surprised with how popular the combination is on. What are you waiting for? Get yourself on the ankle socks trend train and snuggle up with a pair of comfy socks right now!

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